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Client Case Studies

Retail Nursery and Landscaping Services


  • 119 Employees, 3 locations

  • 49% participation rate in VB

  • Off-cycle Rollout

  • Value-Added Services

  • BenAdmin Technology Platform (Ease)

  • Bilingual Enrollment Team of 4 Benefit Counselors

Having recently experienced a shift in overall health plan design, this client was in need of voluntary benefits to help round out their current offering. With multiple business units and an array of full time, part time, and seasonal employees, cohesion and consistency of benefits messaging was something their one-man HR department desperately needed help streamlining.


A mid-year VB rollout took place in early 2019, with a short plan year in place to align with their core open enrollment. New hires are seen on a monthly basis with ongoing administrative help provided to the client as needed.


The focus during open enrollment at the end of the year was to assist their HR with the major medical enrollment in conjunction with a re-education of voluntary benefits.


New in 2021, the company is brought out Voluntary Life at our recommendation during their Q1 core open enrollment period.

Apparel Manufacturing and Distribution


  • 200 Employees, Headquartered in San Antonio, TX and 2 locations operating in Illinois (manufacturing & distribution plant)

  • 50% participation rate across VB programs

  • Enrolled voluntary life, Long Term Disability and VB (Short Term Disability, Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital), as well as collected updated beneficiary information for the employer sponsored life insurance.

  • Helped them to consolidate multiple pay frequencies to one billing mode

  • BenAdmin Technology Platform (Selerix)

The broker was having issues with coordinating an enrollment firm to complete their end of the year open enrollment in mid-December and asked if we could come in the week before Christmas and see all 200 employees within 3 days. Ten agents were on-site at the three locations and saw all employees in just 2 1/2 days.


We updated every employee’s beneficiary information and quadrupled the number of employees participating in voluntary plans. The account and their broker have been extremely satisfied with customer service and claims, as well as knowing we’ve helped to make sure employees have a resource and know where to call when questions arise regarding non-VB products.  

Hospitality Group

  • 500 Employees, 14 Hotels in 3 states

  • 50% participation rate for all employees

  • BenAdmin Technology Platform (Employee Navigator)

  • Core Enrollment + VB (Med, Den, Vis, ER Paid Life, VB)

  • 13 Benefit Counselors

  • 2 week coordinated enrollment

After 6 years of successful VB service to one large hotel, that hotel was acquired by larger group, a management company with 13 smaller hotel properties ranging from 20-40 employees.  With a limited HR team running the operation, they needed a one-stop BenAdmin system combined with one enrollment team for both open enrollment and ongoing monthly new hire support.


Their first open enrollment took place in Q4, 2018. 13 bilingual benefit counselors joined UHC for presentations and then one-on-ones at each property over this period. Every single employee was seen and accounted for, and inputted into the system with a summary of elections. 250 employees elected VB plans.


Monthly new hire counts range from 8 to 35 between all 14 properties. 5 dedicated benefit counselors perform this onboarding, explaining all benefit options and completing their enrollment on the Selerix system. Once per month files are sent to the client to be passed to each carrier.

Commercial Bakery
  • 1,700 Employees, 5 States

  • 47% participation rate in VB

  • Benefit Statements

  • Value-Added Services

  • BenAdmin Technology Platform (WeCare)

  • Client of 12 years

Just as this client’s business has changed and grown through the years, so have our capabilities. What started as a standard voluntary benefit rollout has evolved into a wide range of products and services carefully assembled alongside the benefits and risk management teams at this company.


Planning takes place on a yearly basis to ensure maximum effectiveness during the open enrollment period. Company initiatives guide the messaging and overall structure of the process. Management at all levels play a crucial role in delivering a consistent message to employees about what is expected so that when benefits counselors are on-site, there is no guesswork involved.


With a diverse workforce and multiple shifts to engage, our team of bilingual benefits counselors is carefully coordinated to meet with the highest total number of employees while also being considerate of plant rules and operations.

Public Sector
  • 22,000 Employees, 18 Divisions, 100s of subdivisions

  • 80% participation rate for seen employees

  • BenAdmin Technology Platform (Benefit Harbor)

  • 3 Voluntary Benefit Carriers

  • 60 Benefit Counselors

  • 30 Day around-the-clock coordinated enrollment

After a vigorous selection process, Aflac, Allstate, and Legal Shield were chosen as the new voluntary benefits programs for all of this county’s employees. The client, broker, and our firm worked closely together for 2 months of preparation and a 32-day enrollment period. The first-year offering was done as a stand-alone VB enrollment, one month prior to their normal core enrollment, for maximum impact with employees. Future open enrollments will coincide with Core Benefits.


As a public sector entity, everything very strictly monitored and reported – frequent conference calls take place between all parties for progress reports and conflict management. Back-end payroll management by carriers directly with IT and Payroll at the client to ensure smooth transition from enrollment file delivery, to first deduction, to first payment remittance.

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